Package com.philemonworks.selfdiagnose.check.vendor

Class Summary
CheckAtgComponentProperty CheckAtgComponentProperty is a task specific to the ATG framework.
CheckEndecaService CheckEndecaService is task specific to Endeca Search Engine.
CheckSpringBeanProperty CheckSpringBeanProperty is a task to check a property from any Spring configured bean object.
CheckSpringDatasourceConnectable CheckSpringDatasourceConnectable is a diagnostic task that access a Datasource from the application context and uses that to verify that a connection can be created (and closed).
CheckWebsphereJMSListenerPort CheckWebsphereJMSListenerPort is a DiagnosticTask that verifies the operational status of a ListenerPort in WAS.
SelfDiagnoseResource SelfDiagnoseResource provides a REST interface to the SelfDiagnose tool.

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