Changes SelfDiagnose Project

Release History

2.42012-10-02Added SpringController
2.32012-05-16Added CheckSpringDatasourceConnectable
2.12011-09-30Added Jamon, JAX-RS Resource
2.02011-05-03Clean up code: remove dead features
2.0-rc112011-01-14CheckMBeanProperty, CheckSpringBeanProperty, ReportMavenPOMProperties, ReprtJVMRuntimeMemory, ReportProperties
1.1-rc82008-06-06CheckMapContainsKey, CheckValueMatches, OGNL, Config
1.1-rc3..52008-04-23External Configuration
1.1-rc22008-04-11Vendor Specific Tasks
1.0-rc92007-03-03Refactoring DatabaseTableExists
1.0-rc82006-12-25Adding XSD and fixes reloads
1.0-rc72006-12-25Adding JMX Bean support
1.0-rc62006-11-12First public release candidate

Release 2.4 - 2012-10-02

addAdded SpringController, SpringResourceernest
addAdded X-SelfDiagnose-OK HTTP header with true|false in the report response.ernest
Improved JaMon reportingernest
Redesign Spring bean checksernest
addAdded selfdiagnose-2.4.xsdernest

Release 2.3 - 2012-05-16

addAdded CheckSpringDatasourceConnectableernest
addAdded selfdiagnose-2.3.xsdernest

Release 2.1 - 2011-09-30

addAdded SelfDiagnoseResource Added ReportJamonMonitorsernest
addAdded selfdiagnose-2.1.xsdernest

Release 2.0 - 2011-05-03

removeRemoved Atom, Log and Pda reporter. Removed SelfDiagnoseRunner (a Servlet listener). Removed support for JDK 1.4.ernest
fixUpdated selfdiagnose-2.0.xsdernest

Release 2.0-rc11 - 2011-01-14

addNew tasks (ReportMap, CheckMBeanProperty, CheckSpringBeanProperty, ReportMavenPOMProperties, ReprtJVMRuntimeMemory, ReportProperties); see Javadoc. Add query attribute to CheckDatabaseTableExists to set detection strategy (IN_ALL_TABLES,COUNT,FETCH_FIRST)ernest

Release 1.1-rc8 - 2008-06-06

fixOptimized configuration load. Only tasks definitions needed are loaded into JVM.ernest
addAdded support for OGNL (object graph navigation language). Attribute values can be of format ${expression}.ernest
removeRemoved deprecated CheckCollectionElement. Use CheckValueMatches.ernest
removeRemoved deprecated CheckMapContainsKey. Use CheckValueMatches.ernest

Release 1.1-rc7 - 2008-06-04

fixTotally forgot to implement (and test!) the handling of tag attributes for class CheckCollectionElement.ernest

Release 1.1-rc6 - 2008-06-03

addCheckCollectionElement is a new check that can help in inspecting result values from the execution context. It support element accesses of Map,List and Object[] types. If a pattern is given then the element is matched against that regular expression.ernest

Release 1.1-rc3..5 - 2008-04-23

addThe SelfDiagnoseServlet has a new query parameter called "config" that takes an URL to a configuration that is stored externally with respect to the application. This allows you to develop a SelfDiagnose configuration after the application is build and deployed in your development environment. Once you have completed the configuration, you can place the resource back inside the Web application for the next build.ernest
addCheckHttpRequestHeader can be used to inspect headers and match them against some pattern. Small changes to the HTML layout.ernest
removeCheckMethodDefined has been removed because it refers to the implementation of the application instead of its environment. Removed some JDK 1.5 dependent code to (again) make it compliant with JDK 1.4.ernest

Release 1.1-rc2 - 2008-04-11

addATG is a J2EE-based e-commerce framework. Endeca is a Search Engine.ernest
removeReportSystemProperty has been replaced by CheckSystemProperty. ReportResourceLocation had the same behavior as CheckResourceAccessible. CheckMethodDefined is about verifying the application and should be done with Unit tests instead.ernest

Release 1.1-rc - 2008-03-27

addInstead of declaring the Servlet in your deployment descriptor, you can also use a simple JSP page that invokes the servlet. See "Example Configurations" for an example of such document.ernest
addIn addition to Html and Xml, new formats are available: (1) Atom 2.0: this report can be used in any RSS reader. (2) Mobile: this report can be used when viewing results on a mobile device that typically has a smaller screen.ernest
addSometimes the result message of a task can be cryptic and can only be understood by the developer that made the configuration. Tasks descriptions in the configuration file can now have a "comment" attribute that can be used for a more readable explanation of the task.ernest

Release 1.0 - 2007-06-13

fixCheckDatabaseTableExists now uses the basic COUNT(*) query to detect the presence of a table. No longer this task is RDMS dependent and does not require READ rights to System tables. It is assumed that this count query is "cheap" (low execution time). This tasks also reports the number of records counted.ernest

Release 1.0-rc10 - 2007-05-07

fixURL specifications now may be composed of variable specifications and arbitrary strings.ernest
addCheckMapContainsKey can be used to check whether a String value is contained in a String-to-String map. The value can be made available in the Execution Context to serve as input parameters to other checks.ernest
fixReportSystemProperty now takes the parameter "name" instead of "key" ; this is because of consistency with other checks.ernest

Release 1.0-rc9 - 2007-03-03

fixCheckDatabaseTableExists now supports 3 databases oracle,mysql and postgres. This task now requires the parameter "database".ernest
removeCheckSpringBeansAreJavaTypes is deprecated. Spring itself provides sufficient information about loadable beans.ernest

Release 1.0-rc8 - 2006-12-25

addAn XML Schema (XSD) is now available for creating and validating the selfdiagnose.xmlernest
fixWhen requesting for the XML report, the reload=true query part was ignoredernest

Release 1.0-rc7 - 2006-12-25

addCheckWebsphereJMSListenerport for checking the active state of the listener process.ernest
addCheckMBeanProperty for checking a property for a managed bean using JMX.ernest
fixDiagnosticTask now has a serialversionUID that is required for custom subclassing in other packages.ernest

Release 1.0-rc6 - 2006-11-12

addAdded enough documentation (JavaDoc) to get started.ernest