Get started

Adding SelfDiagnose to your existing project requires the following steps:
  • Installing SelfDiagnose
  • Adding tasks to a configuration
  • Running tasks and view the report

Installing SelfDiagnose

  1. Add selfdiagnose-{version}.jar to the classpath of the (web)application
  2. Make sure the log4j-{version 1.2.8 or higher}.jar is on the same classpath
  3. Make sure the ognl-{version 2.6.11 or higher}.jar is on the same classpath. (see Open Symphony Object Graph Navigation Language).
  4. Add the SelfDiagnoseServlet to your Web Deployment Descriptor:
<!-- SelfDiagnose - Servlet -->

<!-- SelfDiagnose - Mapping -->	  	  

Adding Tasks

Registration of diagnostic task can be done directly in Java or by configuration in XML. Create the file name selfdiagnose.xml and place it in a source folder (e.g. WebContent) such that this resource can be found on the classpath.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>				
		<checksystemproperty property="java.version" />

Running SelfDiagnose

The following request to the SelfDiagnoseServlet will run the diagnostic tasks and return an HTML page showing the results.

http://{your host:port}/{your context}/selfdiagnose